Prescott Valley

A little more than three decades ago, Prescott Valley officially became a town and its mayor and town council represented 1,521 people. Today, more than 40,000 people call Prescott Valley home, as do a growing number of retail, commercial, and industrial companies. Prescott Valley is know for its community planning and attention to family-focused development, which helps to ensure its rural flavor and small-town appeal for many generations to come.

Prescott Valley remains the fasting growing community in Yavapai County. As a fairly new town, its tax base and businesses opportunities continue to grow each and every day. Within the past six years, more than 32 new commercial buildings representing almost one million square feet have been built and occupied. The town routinely issues more than 400 new business licenses a year.

The town is home to a bustling entertainment center anchored by the Prescott Valley Event Center; a pedestrian-friendly downtown; 10 public parks; and a community recreation area that includes softball and soccer fields, a public swimming pool, and basketball and tennis courts. Residents are surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the towering Bradshaw Mountains to the south and the Mingus Mountains to the east. Glassford Hill, the town's most notable landmark, is an extinct volcano that sits at an elevation of 6,177 feet. People who make the trek to the top are rewarded with amazing panoramic views.

2015 Community Profile Completed by the Arizona Commerce Authority

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